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At the age of 22, on 29th of May 2019, her debut book Fuck the World hit the international best-selling lists in many countries of Europe, Asia, and South Africa on the Kobo store.

A year after, on 19th of June 2020, Deceive the World, a prequel to her dystopian book series Thorns of Life, hit the international bestselling lists on both Kobo and Amazon in less than 24 hours.

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Andrea Bedford is born in a small country in Europe. After graduating from grammar school, academics oriented high school, with the highest grades in her class, she got herself Cambridge- certified.

Her love for books started as soon as she could read, and her writing skills lie in crafting dark, psychological books. She discovered this knack after writing novellas for a number of years on the Internet as a hobby on which she gained a huge blog readership.

She can create a whole world with a variety of characters but finds it extremely difficult to write even three sentences about herself. How can a person summarize their life in only a few sentences?

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What People Are Saying About Thorns of Life

"Written for passionate readers who enjoy dramatic interplays of realism, mystery, horror and fantasy. The author’s urge to experiment with genres in quick-changing settings of action and introspection makes the novel a real page-turner."

-Goodreads review

"This is a great refreshment in the sea of fictional books out there. The first association that comes to my mind is the earlier books of Agatha Christie because of the same excitement you begin to read the book and wait for each next page. It's such a page-turner!"

-Kobo review

"There are so many stuff that I liked in this book which made me think about the world and myself. I guess my favorite part would the author playing with realism and horror. It was simply brilliant."

-Kobo review

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